Buckeye Leaves: Chrisman And Weber Lead Ohio State To Victory Over Michigan State

EAST LANSING, Michigan — No. 10 Ohio State went on the road Saturday and beat No. 18 Michigan State, 26-6.

As is Ohio State tradition, players are given Buckeye leaves for good things they do in games.  Here at The Buckeye Beat Report, we kind of do the same thing except players don’t receive physical stickers from us.  We just tell you who we think played well in a certain game.

With that being said, here are my Buckeye Leaves players of the game:


Drue Chrisman

Just give Ohio State punter Drue Chrisman the Ray Guy Award right now.

Christian was the real MVP of the Buckeyes on Saturday against the Spartans as he helped pin MSU back deep on special teams when Ohio State’s offense struggled often on Saturday.

On four of Ohio State’s nine punts, Chrisman pinned Michigan State inside their own 10-yard line and inside the 20 on two of the other five punts.

Ohio State won this game because of field position and that is mainly thanks to Chrisman, so he earns Buckeye leaves this week.


Mike Weber

Mike Weber was the spark that Ohio State needed in this game offensively.

After the Buckeyes rushed for just a combined 14 yards in the first half, Weber kicked things into another gear in the second half as he finished the game with 104 rushing yards against the No. 1 run defense in the country.

Weber averaged 4.7 yards per carry against Michigan State to continue off of Ohio State’s improvement in the run game last week and he also scored the final touchdown of the game.

Weber earns our final Buckeye leaves of the game.


That’ll do it for this week’s Buckeye Leaves!

Ohio State will hit the road once again next Saturday, November 17th as they face off against Maryland.


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